Whoppers, Really? Ya Gotta Be Kiddin Me

Whoppers, Really? Ya Gotta Be Kiddin Me

Now this truly is a tale of Halloween horror. I go to my neighborhood store, lookin’ to satisfy my seasonal sugar craving, and what do a find? An “All Time Greats” candy assortment featuring Whoppers! So when did Whoppers join the ranks of the Hershey Bar, the Kit Kat, or that true all-time-great, the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. This is an abomination.

What will next Halloween bring? A “Super Terrific” candy assortment including Dum-Dum lollipops (in Pineapple only), Bit ‘O Honey, Necco Wafers, and a box of raisins.


C’mon, our trick-or-treaters would be happier with loose change, Smarties, or a toothbrush. Whoppers, pa-leeze.



Don’t look at the dogs, work the lock! You looked at the dogs!

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  1. Awww, I like Whoppers. Well, like is a little strong. I used to when the had real chocolate on them.

    The fun thing about them is if you do like them they REALLY easy to trade for! (I also like Smarties … but not raisins and I don’t need that many toothbrushes.)

  2. As my grandmother always said, “The only good raisin is a chocolate covered raisin.”

    I think the reason I dislike whoppers so much is because they bear a strong resemblance to my much loved Milk Dud. Mix the two up and it can be slightly confusing.

    My eyes register Milk Dud – then I bite it and I get a mouth full of horrible malt.

  3. Whoa, they even try to emulate the Milk Dud box color there. I have always loved Milk Duds, and that color when done correctly reminds me of caefree days spent siting in my closet reading comic books and eating leftover halloween candy (Hiding from my moochy sisters I’m sure)

    They have PT Cruisers that exact color, I am thinking of having my Explorer painted with it. Swweeeet

  4. They have a Milk Dud colored PT Cruiser? How awesome is that. I think they should have all car colors compared to candy bars Milk Dud Brown, Chunky Brown, Charleston Chew Brown. OK, I didn’t think this through.

    Restless Mouse – we have the mooching sisters in commons. After Halloween it was a real challenge to keep my candy hidden from them. Usually I would keep it in separate stashes. That way if they found one I could fall back on another. Unfortunately this often meant I would forget where I put stuff.

    Sometime around Easter, I would be looking for an egg and find a handful of stale chocolates (I would still eat it)

  5. WHAT !! Not a fan of Whoppers ?! I admit they aren’t my favorite candy, but they’re quite good. I love chipping away the chocolate shell and letting the malt ball dissolve.

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