Robert Picardo is my favorite part of The Howling (1981)

The Howling is pretty good werewolf film. Well written, well acted and filled with interesting special effects. The film involves a reporter who is investigating a serial killer who turns out to be a werewolf. She is so traumatized by the experience that she needs some rest. Her doctor pal sends her to spend some time at “The Colony”, which of course is a colony of werewolves, and then all hell breaks loose. Three actors will jump out at you in this film, although the whole cast is stellar. You have John Carradine as the moody old guy, Slim Pickens as the good ol’ boy Sheriff and one of my favorite actors Robert Picardo the serial killer I mentioned above, Eddie Quist.

You don’t know who Robert Picardo is? Does this picture help?


No? Well how about this one?


That’s right. Mr. Picardo played everyone’s favorite Emergency Medical Hologram on Star Trek Voyager.

Talk about career longevity? Mr. Picardo has been working steadily on TV and movies for over 30 years! I mean we all know he was on Voyager and China Beach, but he has made appearances in such classic shows as Taxi, Alice, Kojak, The Golden Girls, Silver Spoons, The Wonder Years, Newhart and many many more. And he isn’t even close to done he is constantly adding his talent to current TV shows and movies.

If you need a Robert Picardo fix this Halloween check out his appearance in an episode of CSI New York. It will broadcast on Halloween Night and takes place at the “Amityville Horror” house.


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