A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)


Great movie! Not so great TV show. About 2 years ago, I decided to sit down and watch the “Nightmare on Elm Street” based show “Freddy’s Nightmares”. What a crazy ride. The show would go from slapstick to Felliniesque at the drop of hat. This can make for some some fun, but uneven episodes (all of which look like they were filmed in Canada). Happily one thing you can count on is the host. That’s right good ol’ Freddy himself did the sometimes creepy but mostly comical intros and bumpers to the show. Usually those were the best part of any episode.


Not that the show didn’t have its high point. The episode with Lori Petty as an obsessed athlete who could run like the wind was pretty good and I remember an episode that had a young Brad Pitt in it. The best episode though, was the pilot. This intro to the show really makes you think this show is going to be good, because it shows Freddy’s Nightmare. Its a bit of a prequel where we see how the townspeople descend upon the murderous Freddy (who got out of Jail on a technicality) and burn him up.

Of course his worst nightmare would soon turn into their nightmare. Muhahahahaha.


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