Why I can Watch Psycho (1960) Every Year


Hitchcock – the Master of Suspense – was supposedly partially inspired to make a movie like “Psycho” after seeing the success of films like “House Haunted Hill”. Low budget movies that were full of chock full of audience pleasing thrills and made tons of cash. Now of course, Paramount, the studio he was under contract with, wanted nothing to do with the film. Describing it as “repulsive”. So Hitchcock, true auteur that he was, decided to make the movie himself on the cheap. This movie is a blue print for everything a good low budget should be.

Hitchcock scrimped on things like film stock, shooting in B&W instead of color. It was a financial decision that led to more creative cinematography. Do you know anyone who wants to see a colorized version of “Psycho”? People can still learn a lot about movie making from this film and not a lesson in cinematography or storytelling (which of course they can), but in basic creative decision making. So please, if you are producing “Anaconda 8”, take a moment and try to figure out what it is about giant snakes that people want to see.


Do they want just snake on human violence? Or do they want lots of fake romance and techno-babble? Perhaps they want a period piece? Or maybe its just as simple as a giant snake, stalking some people and picking them off one by one. Heck I don’t even need to see the snake. In fact I would prefer not to. Its just going to be a lame CGI monster. Save your money — hire a good writer and save the computer graphics for those who can afford it.


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