Want to Enjoy The Legend of Hell House? Read the Book


The Legend of Hell House is a movie written by the great Richard Matheson and adapted from his novel Hell House. I read Hell House again a few months ago in anticipation of watching this movie again and although it has the great Roddy McDowall, it is a pale shadow of the book. Of course most book/movie comparisons make that argument based on the idea that you cannot put enough of the details from the book into the movie. Hell House is not exception.


The movie isn’t horrible. It just feels rushed. Characters feel unmotivated even when they are well acted. The story sort of tumbles together, with convenient story twists that are not in the book. All in all it leaves you feeling that his movie should be much cooler then it turned out and it should be.

The film is passable as a good weekend diversion, but if you have the time, please pick up the book. You will be left feeling much more satisfied.



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