Chaos Comics’ Halloween

Are you a big fan of the original Halloween movies, but find the mythology confusing? What’s with these runes and that guy in black? Well the cool people at Chaos Comics published a couple of comics that attempted to fill in the holes. They weren’t perfect, but the idea was great and it would have been great if it became a long running series instead of just a 3 issue jobber. An interesting fact, the plots of these books was based on the original plot outline for Halloween 8. In the outline Tommy Doyle escapes prison and in a big plot twist Laurie Strode goes nuts and assumes the mantle of her brother.

Now that would have been a much better Halloween movie, then that mess of a movie “Halloween: Resurrection” I cannot post the full comics here, but enjoy these covers. If you want the comics, drop by your local comics shop or try an online shop.





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