The Fog (1980) is Amazing!


What happens when you don’t want a leper colony set up next town so you trick the people trying to found it to crash their ship on rocks? Well 100 years later the ghosts of the people on that ship will come back in a killer fog bank and claim a half dozen lives. Duh. Everyone knows that.

Well that is the basis of “The Fog”. Which I have not seen since the mid 80s and for some reason I remembered being a lot better. Still it is much better than 90% of the horror films out there. I remember reading a book about 1980 horror films a few years ago and I think I remember hearing that they did a bunch of re-shoots of the film because it wasn’t gory enough. From what I remember they were trying to be as gory as the head popping masterpiece “Scanners”.

I think I would have preferred “The Fog” if this movie was more of an old fashioned ghost story. A little more low key with crisp black and white photography. Model ships being whipped against rocks and old school ghosts pushing people to their deaths. Or maybe a group of high school students and their talking dog arrive in town and they find a bunch of ghost ninjas locked in an eternal battle with ghost pirates. Now that would be a dream come true.

Gotta love this cool/cheesy trailer:

Dig that synth baby.


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