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How come I cannot watch “Night of the Living Dead” without thinking of the documentary classic “American Movie”? I must really like “American Movie” for that to happen. Maybe I should have put “Coven” on my watch list this Halloween. Like many films on my list I have seen this movie many times over the years. Its just a classic. It has that great gritty feel married to good direction. Its a rare combination.

I remember watching an interview with George Romero, where he talked about the lack of copyright on “Night of the Living Dead”. It seems that the only reason we see this film distributed by dozens of companies is that someone forgot to put the copyright on the film prints and under US copyright law you need to have that notice to be copyrighted. It sucks to be Romero, but his misfortune is out fortune and to this day you can legally download a copy of this 1968 classic for free.

Absurd you day? This must be illegal? Well drop by the Internet Archive and pick yourself up a free and legal copy of Night of the Living Dead. While you are there dl a copy of the cult classic of Reefer Madness.


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