Evil Dead (1981) and my Brush with Bruce Campbell


So much has been said about the Evil Dead that I feel I could only do it a disservice by trying to heap more praise upon it. I think it should suffice to say I think this movie is great and I am a huge fan of everything Bruce Campbell. Bruce is a great guy and although I may not know him personally. I am about to tell you about my BRUSH WITH BRUCE!

In college I studied film and spent every free minute of my day watching movies and writing screenplays. I wrote and wrote. I even submitted a few, but besides form rejection letters I never got any feedback. Now the web was still in its infancy back in the day, but I did have a college email address and spent a lot of time on telnet and this new thing called Mosaic. Since I didn’t own a computer I spent a lot of time in the computer lab. I was chatting with a comp sci friend of mine one day about Evil Dead when he mentioned that he had Bruce Campbell’s email address. Now it wasn’t a secret email, but it never occurred to me to use email to try and contact someone in the film industry.

That night I sent out a hastily written email asking for advice and mentioning my ambition to work in film. Not only did I get a quick response, but it was very personalized. Full of encouragement and telling me to keep in touch. Which I did, sending an email every once in a while to say Hi or ask questions about the film industry or film making. Every time I got a nice response from the man himself. It was a great feeling and it kept me focused. I attribute the few production credits I have in film to these emails and I have them printed out in a folder next to my desk to this day.

Bruce Campbell is awesome. A class act and a true star in every sense of the word. Hail to the King, Baby.



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