Scanners (1981) is Head-Exploding Goodness


After last night’s Minotaur debacle its nice to have a good “go-to” movie to cleanse the pallet. It has been about two years since I saw Scanners last, but I have really gained a greater appreciation for Cronenberg in the mean time. Eastern Promises and A History of Violence were just great. He has really found a good muse with Viggo. In fact, I would love to see a Scanners remake with Viggo Mortensen as Cameron Vale. O.K on to the movie…

This film get better with every viewing. Sort of like head exploding comfort food. Things that I never really appreciated is the cold feeling of the film and how it works so well with the 1980s sensibilities. I don’t think its too much a of a stretch to compare it to another film that exploits the dreary alienation of the 1980s, Terminator. I might like Terminator more then I like this film overall, but the direction, art direction, and score work so well in this film, that I believe, if it had a higher budget it would be well on par with Cameron’s masterpiece. Show me the remake?

Maybe I am in a good mood tonight because I finally “get” Stephen Lack’s low key performance in the film. I used to find it distracting, but now I keep wondering about the character – what is going on inside that powerful head? Plus this film has Patrick “Scarecrow of Romney Marsh” McGoohan. Who is as comforting as well polished easy chair in whatever film he is in.

Well I could go on an on — Scanners is a wonderful sci-fi/horror film. You all know that already, right?

Want some head exploding goodness, but don’t own Scanners? Here is the trailer:


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