Kentucky Fried Chicken Classic Ads and Commercials are Finger Lickin’ Good


Got back from a road trip not too long ago and I would just like to go on record as saying, “I cannot get enough Fried Chicken”. If I die tonight without a greasy drumstick in my hand, I will have died unfulfilled. Their is just something about a giant rotating bucket near a highway off ramp that I just cannot resist, but maybe I am just over compensating. When I was young my family almost NEVER got Fried Chicken. When we did, usually when we were on a road trip, it was always Popeyes. Now I think Popeyes is good, but when you get a bunch of chicken, it shouldn’t be in a box! It should be in a bucket. It is the best chicken delivery vector available.

Is my attraction to the bucket irrational? Sure it is, but all those happy families in TV sitcoms and commercials with families gathered around the table digging into a red and white bucket just wore me down. Chicken is chicken, but chicken in a bucket is happiness…in a bucket. I cannot stress enough how much I love foods served in buckets, but I will stop there. I need to get to the commercials.

The Colonel lives! This is not that crazy animated Colonel from the moder commercials, who break dances, but the real deal. Check out the passion for the product and dig that white suit. Its like someone took the whitest of white meat from his chicken; Ground it to a fine paste; poured it into a mold and brought it to life through ancient spells from the Necronomican. The Colonel is living chicken incarnate!!

Great Classic Commercial.

Foghorn Leghorn as a spokes-chicken? This is a weird gem from 1987. I always thought roosters would protect chickens, but Foghorn Leghorn must be on the take. The KFC people giving him extra feed for him to look the other way while they cull his charges. Its disturbing, but what its what I would expect from this two-faced giant rooster! I’ll see you in hell Mr Leghorn! (I don’t like Foghorn Leghorn if you didn’t guess.)

Didn’t have enough of this giant bird’s loony antics?

Who loves claymation? OK hands down – you are going to need them to click on this next video. A gem from the early 80s it features a tight shot of a young female spokes employee with an awesome puffy hat. Of course they needed to keep it simple because they blew the budget for this commercial on chicken claymation. Watch as a chicken tenderizes itself for your eating pleasure.

How often should you have chicken? Consult this weekly calender:



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