Ayyyy! 30 Years Ago Today – Fonzi Jumped the Shark


Wow, time flies when you are watching TV and working. Can you believe the infamous “Jump the Shark” moment is 30 years old today? If you are too young to have missed this seminal moment in TV history you can watch it online thanks to the miracle of YouTube which I will post below. Just so you know, up to this moment Happy Day was a pretty decent show. After this moment you became very aware of its flaws.

Fonzi we salute you and the day you helped kill a great show.


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2 thoughts on “Ayyyy! 30 Years Ago Today – Fonzi Jumped the Shark

  1. MetaGirl says:

    I’m too young to have seen this when it aired, so maybe this question will seem dense, but where’s the shark? I don’t see a shark…was there a dorsal fin in the clip that I missed?

  2. Wow, thanks for making me feel old. I do remember this ep, it was a big event and to be honest no one in my household though it was lame. Fonzi could do no evil in the Retroist home. Still can’t.

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