Do you Remember Cricket Dolls?

Do you Remember Cricket Dolls?


What happens when Teddy Ruxpin and one of those mind melting kids from Village of the Damned have a baby? Cricket is born. These Cricket dolls operated in similar fashion to Teddy Ruxpin, but instead of single sided tapes they used double. The sound data was one side and movement data on the other. Although rumored to be powered by pure evil Cricket actually required four “C” batteries for the tape player and 1 9-volt battery for the mouth movement.

Thankfully these dolls never crossed the threshold of my house and I knew better then to invite them in when they showed up for dinner – I have seen Lost Boys. So I know if you don’t invite them in they can’t hurt you. Yet I the commercials for these monsters took root in my brain from Saturday Morning Cartoon exposure and I can still sing the theme song and at night I can still here her “I’ll be talking to you” catchphrase. Its like the crying of the lambs.

Did you escape this mess? Can’t sing along? Well enjoy the commercial and welcome to my hell.

Warning: Saved by the Bell Factoid to Follow
Interesting fact. The Cricket Doll was voiced by Laura Mooney who played Nicki Kapowski on Saved By the Bell. You remember the episode where she thought Zak liked her through a series of misunderstandings? No? Well it was awesome.

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  1. Nicki Kapowski was hot. Zack should’ve hit it.

  2. Omg. I whinged and whinged at my parents for one of these and just before I got it I saw a clip of Child’s Play and was forever terrified of the thing but had to hide because they had spent a fortune on it, when the batteries ran low it would talk like something from the exorcist and I spent a whole miserable year maybe longer hiding the bastard under my bed, in cupboards and fitting in the night thinking it was coming to get me… fear was compounded when i confided in my uncle of my terror and he ‘hilariously’ put a knife in it’s hand and left it on the sofa for me to find one day when he was babysitting….. :(

  3. do you know where i can get a replacement booklet/tape for my cricket doll? my grandmother gave me mine from when i was a little girl with out the book and tape bc its lost!! help anyone?!? thanks!

  4. You can buy cricket tapes on ebay

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