Robotron + Running Man = Smash TV

Check out this classic ad for Smash TV for the NES.

I love games that require two joysticks to play. Sadly those games are few and far between. Luckily the greatest two fisted kill-fests have already been made. First came Robotron: 2084 (early colon game) and then came its awesomely bloody stepson Smash TV. If you didn’t play it go DL mame and get on that. Its filled with pithy catchphrases and bloody game-show style madness. In it, People dressed like American Gladiators travel from room to room and blow everything to hell. It is simply wonderful.

I owned this NES port of the game and my crippled hands still bear the scars of trying to use two NES controls for “Double Fisted Action”. But as my parents always said “Only through pain can we attain true excellence”.


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