100 Toy Soldiers for $1.75. What a Bargain.

I always fell for these ads as a kid. 100 toys? Under 2 bucks? Sign me up. Of course you don’t think the army guys would be less then an inch tall.


If you are a clever child you might have realized that all 100 toys will fit in the tiny pasteboard footlocker and how do they fit in this small a space? They are kindod flat! F.L.A.T. Not quite penny flat, but certainly not fully 3D. They are sort of like cardboard cutouts made of plastic.

Of course if I was smart I would have read the fine print, but I have never been all that smart.


The toys, while flat were a pretty sturdy plastic. But boy is that is one tiny – poorly constructed footlocker. I guess I shouldn’t expect much for a buck fifty, but c’mon I was a stupid little kid. I think I read those inches as feet and thought I would have something to put at the foot of my bed. Here you can see the footlocker in all its decaying glory.


Oh and if you didn’t realize, the image in the ad is NOT a real battle. I know. I was fooled as well.


Joking aside. Yes, these toys were tiny, but the detail on them was decent and most importantly, they were toys. They might have been small, but I had a big imagination. So it did not take me long to find a way to play with them in our yard. I turns an old flowerbed into a battlefield and could play in the dirt with my tiny soldiers for hours.

For years afterwards, when the flowerbed had been reclaimed, my family would find soldiers. The battles might have been imaginary, but the casualties were all too real.


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