100 Toy Soldiers for $1.75. What a Bargain.


I always fell for these ads as a kid. 100 toys? Under 2 bucks? Sign me up. Of course you don’t think the army guys would be less then an inch tall. If you are a clever child you might have realized that all 100 toys will fit in the tiny pasteboard footlocker. How do they fit in this small a space? They are flat! F.L AT. Like penny flat. Sort of like plastic cardboard cutouts. Of course if I was smart I would have read the fine print.


And boy is that is one tiny – poorly constructed footlocker. I guess I shouldn’t expect much for a buck fitty, but c’mon I was a stupid little kid.


Oh and if you didn’t realize, the image in the ad is NOT a real battle. I know. I was fooled as well.



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