Disneyland and Pepsi – Perfect Together?


Two things I really like are Classic Disney and soda. Usually in that order. This commercial merges memories of both of these passions. Two young folks, obviously in love, wander around 1960’s Disneyland. But these are not your normal average young couple. They are special. They are part of the Pepsi Generation. They ride attractions that are familiar to us still — the Matterhorn and the Monorail, but what is better are the attractions that no longer exist. Check out the Skyway as it moves through the Matterhorn and even cooler is the footage of Flying Saucers. At the end of the commercial they hop off the Disneyland Railroad and run over to the magic Pepsi machine. They drink up and the magic continues….forever?

Sadly all the members of this Pepsi Generation where killed in the 1978 Soda Wars with Knights of the Royal Crown Cola. Luckily a new generation of Pepsi adherents arose in the 1980s. Today you can see them everywhere. EXCEPT DISNEYLAND!

Enjoy the Commercial


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