It’s Big Bubble Blowin’ Time! – Fantastic Four Bubblegum

I am on a bit of a gum kick so I thought I would stay on topic for the site. Here is an another interesting a Amurol-made artifact from 1983, Fantastic Four Gum. The gum, like Big League Chew, also came in a pouch and contained a 100 “chunks” in 4 different flavors – strawberry, orange, grape and watermelon. I liked to pretend that these gum chunks sloughed off the Thing’s rocky hide and that Mr. Grimm’s soft center was comprised of soft sweet marshmallows, that I could get to if only I could chew enough of these chunks.

Some fun things that stand out on this ad:
– The Invisible Woman is big in the face. It looks like she got some sort of facial injections. Unstable molecules maybe?
– The Thing sells out his catch phrase for this chunk gum – “It’s Big Bubble Blowin’ Time!” C’mon Ben you are better than that.
– The flavors seem arbitrarily assigned, they don’t make any sense. Not sure what they could have done with that, but Sizzlin’ Strawberry for the Human Torch and Wallopin’ Watermelon for the Thing would have been a good start. Any suggestions for Mr F and the Invisible Woman?
– Some weird invisibility going on there, on the pouch. Sue’s powers seem to misfiring and crisscrossing her ample pelvic region.

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