Let Mr. Spock Clean Your Laundry

Let Mr. Spock Clean Your Laundry


What a different age this commercial was shot in. Despite its weirdness it does do one thing well — it testifies to the popularity of Trek even back in the day. You know what would be cool? If this commercial was pre-Star Trek. At the end of every episode of the original series they would have to put — Mr. Spock inspired by “Cheer Laundry Detergent”.

I guess they must have been trying to save some money because I find it hard to believe that they couldn’t get the real Nimoy to do this commercial. (maybe a contract issue or foolish money hating pride?) If they were to shoot this commercial today they could get Nimoy and Shatner to do it for one low price. Plus they could get Walter Koenig in the mix for airfare and an autograph booth near the craft services table.


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