The Nylon Baseball Bat by Voit

Sick of aluminum bats? Tired of breaking your favorite wood bat because you forgot to keep the label up? Well worry no more because Voit is now making Nylon Bats. Just fill out this offer form and send it to Voit and you will get a free Iron On patch.

Show your support for the color coded bat Nylon that will almost never break with a giant patch! Hurry supplies are limited! Please include $.25 for shipping and handling!



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7 thoughts on “The Nylon Baseball Bat by Voit

  1. I actually looked into this when I posted this ad and I came up with a big fat question mark. I searched through ebay and a bunch of search engines without a mention of this item. Maybe its a collector’s market waiting to happen?

    Do you have any of these bats?

  2. Frances says:

    I have an old wooden bat that belonged to my uncle. He passed away at age 96. Its a Patent Pending AMF Voit, made in USA. Can anyone tell me the value?

  3. Larry Froster says:

    I was wondering if you had any luck about this Patent Pending Bat. We just found one in the basment of a house we just moved into. If you could help us with this matter we would be very grateful. All of our search’s lead us to information about a bat made for Little League but nothing about the Patent Pending bat. Thank you for your help and time with this may contact me at

  4. Cary Montgomery says:

    I have a patent pending amf voit baseball bat.. It is not wood, but wood grained. 2 stamped on the end of handle. I have had it since the early 70s. Anyone know anymore about it?

  5. Terry Strock says:

    I have two of the AMF nylon bats. One my folks bought for me when I was in little league in the 70’s. The other I picked up along the way.. Any idea of value ?

    I made several good hits with mine but other coaches always tried to say it was illegal until the umpires checked it out.

  6. dave says:

    most of these I am sure ended up in the trash. They stung your hands in the same manner a cracked wooden bat would. I looked these up today because my dog chewing her nylabone sparked my memory of this bat.

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