Why was the Intellivision II such a Powerhouse? All the Games!


Oh Intellivision we hardly knew ye! I was always more of an Atari kid until the NES came along, but I had access to a friend who had both a Colecovision AND an Intellivision system (yes he was just that cool). I liked Coleco more because I found the Intellivision very hard to control and from later experience I can tell you the controllers on the Intellivision II were even more difficult to use.

But this commercial makes the system seem really compelling. Play all the games on the Atari ++ all the Intellivision games? What a bargain. Their are so many games playable on the Intellivision II that the kid in this commercial is on a Deathstar run and the Deathstar is MADE OF GAMES! That’s a lot of games.

Buy the Intellivision II now and get “Burger Time” for free:


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