Happy Easter: Remember, The Milk Chocolate Melts in your Mouth…

The Retroist jumps back to the 1980s with a famous commercial from M & M’s. Guaranteed to make you say, “Thanks Easter bunny! Bok! Bok!”


Filled with prim looking kids sucking down the chocolate with the protective candy shell, this classic commercial speaks for itself. Besides the awesome tag line only one thing really stands out in this masterpiece. Keep in mind that this commercial was made in 1980.


Um, what year is it again? Is that Alfalfa from the Little Rascals? I think we are supposed to think that the boy got fresh with the little girl, which is how he got the black eye, but with that outfit I bet everyone in the neighborhood was waiting to kick that ass.

Here is the full commercial. Enjoy and have a Happy Candy Filled Easter:


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