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Decorate your Own Peep Eggs

Why decorate old chicken eggs when you can decorate the eggs of the future? Marshmallow Peep Eggs! Join me, will you, as I try out the new super cool Peep Decorating Kits. Looks pretty good huh? You can decorate your eggs with all the colors of the rainbow. As long […]

Mmmmm..Orange Creme Peeps

I love the orange food. Be it mandarin oranges or day-glo Halloween Snowballs I just can’t get enough of the color that has no rhyming partner. If only they made orange peeps, our world would be perfect. What, they do? They make Orange flavored Peeps? Who knew. Well everyone but […]

Celebrate Easter with Necco

I have been known to malign Necco products in the past. Especially around the Halloween season. I have always felt bad about this so I thought I would throw my Necco net a little wider this year and see what delicious delights the New England Candy Company put out for […]