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When I was a strapping young lad I dreamed of hopping into my all-chrome Ferrari and ripping down the New Jersey Turnpike to Six Flags – Great Adventure every weekend. These dreams were of course inspired my my Matchbox/Hot Wheels car collection. Like every human boy I went through a toy car phase. It was wedged between my Star Wars phase and my GI-Joe Phase and kind of ran parallel to my Transformers phase. It seems that every company made some sort of toy car and you couldn’t turn on the TV or open a comic book without seeing an ad for some super cool drag racer or bizarrely themed racetrack. Here are a few of my favorites.


My mother bought me a red Hustlin’ Hoss at a garage sale. It was the finest of rip cord driven vehicles in the 70s. The Cadillac if you will. It didn’t work too well on carpet but if you had access to a kitchen floor larger then a postage stamp you could really open it up.


I never had this racetrack, but I really like the color and font play in this ad. What I did have was the most oddly themed gravity driven “Stunt Set” ever produced, “The Hot Wheels Cobra Stunt Set”. Have you ever wanted to drive your car down the back of a giant snake? Yes??? Well you have come to the right place.

My car dreams haven’t changed all that much. Accept now I dream about hopping into my green Honda and driving to Best Buy.


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