DC Super Heroes Water Ski at Seaworld?


I did not get to go to Sea World in the 1970s, but I would have loved to see my favorite DC super heroes water ski. It’s hard for me to even picture this show in my head, but when I do it’s a soggy red white and blue Technicolor dream come true. Wonder Woman is flying through the air. Batman has Robin suspended over him with one hand. Superman is “flying” through rings of fire. For the finale they ask for a volunteer and pull me into the show.

I stand atop a glorious water skiing Super Hero Pyramid ( I am on Wonder Woman’s broad amazonian shoulders) and as the fireworks light up the night sky, Aquaman and Shamu appear. I climb aboard the giant orca, wave goodbye to my family and ride to Disney World to live my life in perpetual awesomeness.

Well if I ever get my crystal powered time machine working I have to remember my coupon 75 cent off coupon and jump back to 1977 and video tape this show.



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