Coke with Lime


The Retroist takes a swig of Coke with lime and end up holding his nose. That opening line was going to be my “clever” headline/summation of my short review, but I thought it sounded too cheesy (of course not cheesy enough to totally avoid putting it in). Now onto the review…

I drink a lot of soda. A lot and I usually pick up new drinks whenever I see them. I bought Coke with Lime the first day I saw it and somehow it got pushed to the back of the fridge. Today I broke that sucker open and boy was I disappointed.

I like Coke and I like Lime. Heck I even like Coke with Lime that I have made myself. The problem with the packaged Coke with lime is the lime flavoring they used. It lacks that citrus zing. I enjoy my Coke with a splash of lemon or lime. It enhances the sweetness of the drink and makes it more refreshing.

This lime flavor seems to be mostly fragrant. In fact when I hold my nose. I hardly taste it. I can’t remember the name of this phenomenon, but I learned it on Mr. Wizard’s World when I was younger (thanks Don Herbert). All in all I would say this flavor is a flop, but I am sure it will find its niche. I will keep drinking regular Coke (the best soda in the world) and I will add my own flavor as needed.


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