Saturday Morning PSA – H.E.L.P! – Dr. Henry’s Emergency Lessons for People

So many great animated PSAs were made in the 70s and 80s — it’s hard to pick a favorite. Was it Time for Timer? Was it the fatty who would rather have a kiss than a cookie? They are all great, but my favorite is a little PSA known as H.E.L.P or Dr. Henry’s Emergency Lessons for People.

Poor Chester. Scalding soup on the arm and a room fool of potentially meddlesome in-laws. He is truly living the dream. Good thing Dr. Henry was nearby or they would have ground his nearly cooked arm into the carpet in order to force him propose to Olive Oyl’s older sister.


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One thought on “Saturday Morning PSA – H.E.L.P! – Dr. Henry’s Emergency Lessons for People

  1. alesha says:

    I love these episodes and would like to have them all on video? Is there anyone out there willing to make these for me and I will pay them.

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