Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal


Do you like French Toast, but find its large size difficult to manage? Well the Magical Chefs at General Mills got your back.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch was started in 1984 a few years before this commercial appeared. The three chefs/mascots in this ad are named Wendell, Bob and Quienno. The official line is that due to budget cutbacks Bob and Quienno were let go. But rumor has it, the real reasons they were let go was Bob had a nasty coke habit and Queinno was stealing from the Cinnamon Toast Bakery.

That just left us with Wendall, and even though he is a great spokeschef, it had always felt like something has been missing in his solo ads. He has become a Moe without his Larry and Curly. Some at General Mills have been pushing for a reunion. Sadly with all his sweet endorsement deals Wendell is reticent to get back together with his brother chefs.


Word on the street is that they might appear together briefly for an episode of “Behind the Cereal”.


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