What Will Your Future Be? Air Traffic Controller or Cosmetologist?

What will you be when you grow up? Well how about these two choices from the 1970s career field?

Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controller
1000 bucks a month in 1970? That’s some pretty sweet green. Plus who could resist the title “Guardian of the Airways”. Now it says you need to pass a rigorous physical examination to qualify. John Candy played an Air Traffic Controller in the classic “Summer Rental”. How rigorous could it be?


Hey you can make 300/month, but money isn’t that important when you are engaged in the noble career of studying the origins of the universe. Oh wait? I thought it said Cosmologist. Well, “bringing glamor to the women of the world” is pretty noble. Anyway, that opening paragraphs pun is priceless. Main for mane..oh that’s rich.


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