These Sea Monkeys look like the Whos from Whoville

Just add water and you can become the ruler of your own brine shrimp kingdom! Play god with these delightful creatures and be a terrible fearful deity or a benevolent provider. With Sea Monkeys, your choice of morality is half the fun!

I received Sea Monkeys as a gift when I was eight or nine years old. It was an exciting gift. I had been seeing these ads in comic books for a couple of years now and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

I did a pretty good job with my little Sea Monkeys. Keeping them going for a few weeks. During that time I started to figure out that they were never going to resemble the “monkeys” from the ad. But what were they?

It was my teacher who educated me on Sea Monkey. Teaching me about brine shrimp and shattering my youthful trust of comic book advertising.

One day, waking up, I was surprised to see that my colony seemed to die all at once. I brought it down to show my family, with hopes they could help revive my nascent shrimp colony. The only solution they came up with was to throw them away. I objected, so they waited till I went to school and got rid of the dead shrimp soup. Being young, I quickly forgot them and moved on with my life. Never to own Sea Monkey again.

I have many Sea Monkey ads in my collection, but the one above is my favorite because it done on glossy paper which makes the coloring on the Monkeys more “fleshy”. It makes the whole ad much more disconcerting and memorable for some reason. Also they kind of look like Whos in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. Maybe in the way that Snorks resemble Smurfs?


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