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I got 2 Dungeons and Dragons Ads to share today. The first was a commercial, that I don’t remember seeing on TV, but I wish I had. The cross cutting between animation and gameplay and the deep gravely voiced narration makes it a genius work of suspense. Plus it seemingly has Jami Gertz and Alan Ruck in a rare appearance together. The only way you would ever see these two together again would maybe be on a CBS sitcom. Example: As the eccentric neighbors on King of Queens.

I think that Jami is supposed to be the Magic-User and Alan is maybe the gnomish looking Dwarf.

The 2nd as is a delightful print one (featured above) that has a short little comic about a group of adventurers and ends with the promise of more adventure. Although I don’t think Dimension Door has that much range, it’s still a cool ad. So print it, cut it out and send away for your product catalog today!


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4 thoughts on “Dungeons and Dragons Ads

  1. adam walters says:

    please send any and all catalogues concerning t.s.r products to po.box 1177 Blythe CA.92226 care of gene walters thank you

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