Hulk Smash and Love Twinkies!!

After a long day of fighting the forces of evil, there is nothing the Emerald Avenger likes more than to put his feet up, kick back and eat box-loads of spongy cream-filled Twinkies. In this comic ad from the late seventies you can see that everyone pretty much felt the same way. As we join our hero, the Mayor of New York, played by George Plimpton, has to deal with a giant frog attacking his city. His first instinct, which is of course the correct one, is to protects the Big Apple’s Twinkie supply.

Not much has changed in the last 30 years. Twinkies are still FEMA’s #1 priority in the event of a disaster and all the Twinkies in the New York Metro Area are still securely stored in a purple skyscraper.

Hulk love Twinkies!


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