Retroist Game Room Challenge #8: Complete!

My friends, the eighth Retroist Game Room Challenge has been met and conquered. You guys must really, really hate arachnids because the scores on Activision’s classic Atari 2600 title, Spider Fighter, were incredible! There can be only one holder of the High-Score crown though and that goes to Zoltar! It was close though, very close. Zoltar edged out Sans Gluten by just two thousand points and thereby not only claims the crown but the Scott Pilgrim VS The World game!

Please join me in congratulating Zoltar for his impressive skills on the Game Grid! Stay tuned for further Challenge updates.

Retroist Game Room Challenge #7: Completed!

The classic video game, Super Cobra, was firmly trounced by the skills of all our players on the latest Retroist Game Room Challenge! Watching the playback was pretty interesting, seeing how different players handled the situations of the game.

But only one player can walk away with the Video Game High-Score Crown and the player with the highest score was, Mordrach, a past winner of the Retroist Game Room Challenge! So please join me in congratulating Mordrach for his awesome Retro gaming skills!

Now Mordrach has been in contact with me and he already owns a copy of Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley so he graciously requested that the runner up receive that prize, which means that Zoltar is getting the full game! Lend me a hand in congratulating Zoltar for his impressive score!

Mordrach’s job is just starting as he must choose the next game in the Retroist Game Room Challenge!

Retroist Game Room Challenge #5: River Raid

The time is right for our 5th challenge in the Retroist Game Room Challenge series and this one comes from a suggestion by our very own, Zoltar. The Activision 2600 classic, River Raid.

I expect this Challenge to be fast and furious with many of you Video Game Warriors trying to take not only the Video Gaming Crown but the bragging rights of being the best Retroist River Raid Champion! Is that truly enough though? For all of your hard work the winner should be allowed to get his hands on…

Sadly I cannot get my own hands on one of those, so how about a code for 1600 Microsoft points instead? All you need to do to enter the challenge is make sure I have your Xbox Live Gamertag, send friend requests to Unicron2005 on Live, and I will add you to the list of challengers. Starting tonight you will have three tries within five days to nab that Crown, the bragging rights, and a 1600 point code.

Retroist Game Room Challenge #3 Completed!

Friends, our third Game Room Challenge is officially completed! We had a sudden change in the competition with Zoltar coming from behind and claiming the High-Score crown from Vinvectrex, Zoltar won the Food Fight challenge last week as well! It was such an exciting challenge to watch in the replays, especially the different styles of play between each of the contestants, so I want to give a huge thank you to all of you that took the time to join in.

Now please take a moment to give Zoltar a big round of applause for his incredible Centipede score! Of course this also means he has to choose the next Game Room Challenge, heavy is the brow that wears the crown.

Please join me in giving Vinvectrex a round of applause as well because this was a very, very close challenge. Just a matter of a few hundred points, so we are awarding him a 1600 Microsoft point card as well!