“Is this going to be a pinball table, Sir, or another bughunt?”

Hot on the heels of the announcement just a few days ago of the upcoming Alien Day on the 26th of this month is Zen Studios commercial for their pretty awesome set of three digital tables inspired by the Alien film universe.

Aliens Pinball 1 - Zen Studios

This commercial is for the table based on James Cameron’s 1986 film and the press release gives us some insight on what we can expect:
“Join Ellen Ripley as she confronts her nightmares and help the Colonial Marines rid LV-426 of its Alien infestation in Aliens Pinball
Watch out for the merciless Alien stalking you on the Alien: Isolation pinball table
Defeat Xenomorphs and rise in Yautja society on the Alien vs. Predator table
Original iconic voiceovers and sound effects from films and videogames set in the ALIENS Universe
Leaderboards, score tracking, exciting social features, and more!
The Aliens vs. Pinball pack will be released on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PSN, Steam, Windows 10, Mac, iOS, Android and Amazon on April 26th.”

[Via] Zen Studios

The other two tables in the pack are based off 2004’s Aliens vs. Predator…

All images courtesy of Zen Studio.

All images courtesy of Zen Studio.

Alien vs Predator - Zen Studios

…and the third is from Sega’s Alien: Isolation from 2014!

Alien Isolation - Zen Studios

I am quite excited about these tables from Zen Studios but I know which one I’m most eager to play…

Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles (2012)

I’ve talked a bit before about how impressed I am with Zen Studios Pinball FX2 for Xbox Live Arcade, especially there Pinball tables based on some of the characters from Marvel Comics. We’ve even had a few competitions involving Pinball FX 2 last year.

Yesterday it was announced that we are getting a new set of 4 tables later this year and this time instead of basing the tables around a single character they have opted to base them on three events from the comic company, plus one table for the upcoming Avengers film. The tables are based on the hugely popular World War Hulk, Fear Itself, and the one I’m most looking forward to…1991’s cosmic shattering throwdown…the Infinity Gauntlet!

[Via] Marvel’s YouTube Channel

It has been reported that this is Zen Studios most ambitious pinball table designs to date, it has been claimed that the Infinity Gauntlet table alone has over 129 recorded pieces of dialogue. No firm release date beyond this year has been shared yet but we’ll keep you updated.

Pinball FX2 Commences Spider-Man XBLA Tournament!

Somehow we missed this important press release from Zen Studios regarding the High-Score Pinball tournament for their awesome Xbox Live Arcade Spider-Man table:

“High Score Tournament Runs July 29 – August 12, 2011

Spider-Man is one of the higher scoring tables in the Marvel Pinball lineup so this is a great chance to get a HUGE SuperScore and Hero Score boost. This is a high score tournament; the top three scores will win a Marvel Digital Comics Subscription, a Spider-Man Bass Skyline tee from MightyFine, and MSP’s!

1st Place –

4,000 MS Points
Marvel Digital Comics annual subscription
Spider-Man Bass Skyline tee shirt from Mighty Fine

2nd / 3rd Place –

1600 MS Points
Marvel Digital Comics annual subscription
Spider-Man Bass Skyline tee shirt from Mighty Fine
As always, there will be prizes for random players. To qualify, simply complete a full game on the Spider-Man table during the tournament period, which will be open from July 29 – August 12, 2011. Winners will be notified via private message on Xbox LIVE® Arcade following the conclusion of the tournament, and also posted in the ZEN Studios Forums. We make every effort to get in touch with the winners, so please be on the lookout for a message if you want to redeem your prize.

To participate in the tournament, simply complete a game of Spider-Man on Pinball FX2 For Xbox LIVE® Arcade.

Stay in touch! Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Special thanks to our friends at Marvel Entertainment and Mighty Fine for contributing to the prize packs!”

A big thanks to Games Radar for the pic up top!

Pinball FX2 – Captain America Pinball Table

Somehow this particular Marvel Comics Pinball FX2 table flew in low under my radar and if I hadn’t been looking over some of our readers various Pinball scores I never would have known that Captain America had been released for Xbox Live!

Zen Studios has really been doing just an amazing job with the Pinball FX2 line of tables and of the Marvel Comics pinball I think this is the best one, hands down. From Zen Studios press release:

“Set in the classic World War II environment inspired by Ed Brubaker’s Captain America 65th Anniversary Special, the table engages Cap, Bucky and members of the Howling Commandos in a full assault on Baron Zemo’s castle, where Zemo’s Death Ray and canisters of Adhesive X must be neutralized. As the game progresses, Cap will need to free his friends in the Howling Commandos and defeat several low-level missions as he works to confront the Sleeper before taking the Cosmic Cube from the Red Skull in the final battle.

The Captain America table follows richly detailed designs and offers another action-packed adventure to the critically acclaimed Marvel Pinball tables already available. For the latest Marvel Pinball news and more details on the Captain America table, visit www.marvelpinball.com.”

Does this mean we shall choose Captain America as the next Retroist Pinball Challenge…could be…stay tuned.