Dogs Dressed as Ewoks

I can never decide whether or not I find dogs dressed in costumes to be funny or sad. It’s hard not to feel sorry for the ones with sad eyes that look like they don’t want to be wearing whatever outfit their owners have crammed them into … but on the other hand, I’m sorry, every time I see a dachshund dressed up like a hot dog, I laugh. It’s a fine line to walk, I’ll admit.

That being said, here are 15 pictures of dogs dressed as Ewoks. Now that I think about it, a half-Ewok, half-dog would be pretty cool. Owning a pet that could both fetch the paper and sing “Yub Yub!” to you while you read it would be pretty awesome indeed.

Link: 15 Dogs Dressed like Ewoks

Edible Ewok Village


Some people think Ewoks are cuddly. Some people think Ewoks are annoying. Personally, I find them delicious!

Created by The Infinite Yums, this replica of the forest moon of Endor was made of Rice Krispie treats, chocolate, icing, fondant, and gingerbread. Once the icing was dry, the lights were added. How cool is that?

Be sure to check out Infinite Yum’s website for a picture-filled article on the creation of this Star Wars-themed dessert. May the Fondant be with them!