Retroist Game Room Challenge #3 Update!

Friends, the challenges were sent and they’ve been answered by some awesome Centipede hating players, I almost feel bad for the digital beast it’s been shot so many times! So far though the player who looks to nab the High-Score crown is our very own Vinvectrex! So join me giving Vinvectrex a round of applause for his score so far, there are still 2 days left to try to win the bragging rights and the 1600 Microsoft point card.

Retroist Game Room Challenge #2 Completed!

Friends, we have our champion for our latest Game Room Challenge…and that person is none other than Zoltar! He racked up a very impressive 95,600 points on Food Fight…on his first try. Join me in congratulating him on a job well done, by nabbing the top spot he wins the 1600 point Microsoft card!

Zoltar still has a challenge ahead of him though…he needs to figure out what game we will all be playing for a future challenge. We will have a new Retroist Game Room Challenge a little later today, I believe that Retro Justin has picked out a classic for us to test our skills on.