X-Men + Peanuts = X-Peanuts by Cynthia Rodgers

What I really like about this piece by Cynthia Rodgers depicting the Peanuts characters as the X-Men is her choice of characters. Charlie Brown as Xavier seems an obvious choice, but Linus as Cyclops and Sally as Emma Frost is inspired. This piece was done as part of CBQ’s the Line it is Drawn event and while their were many quality entries, this one is my favorite.

[via] Cynthia Rodgers

Syfy Channel’s 31 Days Of Halloween: Sanctuary Clip

Thanks to our friends over at the Syfy channel for sending us this new clip for their hit show, Sanctuary. For those who have not watched the series before think of it as a mix of Men in Black and Marvel Comic’s original X-Men comics…with maybe a dash of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen thrown in for good measure.

The Sanctuary is run by Dr. Helen Magnus who just so happens to be a 157-year-old scientist that was trained by the likes of Nikola Tesla and three other members of an experimental scientist groups known as “The Five”. After injecting themselves with a source of untainted Vampire blood, each member of the Five is gifted/cursed with abnormal abilities. Which eventually led Dr. Magnus to hunt out and find other “Abnormals” to teach them to use their abilities safely..and keep the dangerous individuals locked up for the safety of the world.

Sanctuary airs on the Syfy channel on Friday Nights at 10/9c!

Muppet X-Men

I am not sure who I would cast in what role if I was doing Muppet X-Men, but DeviantART user Rahzzah, picked two perfect Muppets to play Wolverine and Cyclops. Although Kermit and Cyclops would have made for an interesting love triangle with Miss Piggy/Jean Grey. With Marvel having a hand in both Marvel and the Muppets, something like this could happen. Okay probably not, but I can dream.