X-Men + Peanuts = X-Peanuts by Cynthia Rodgers

What I really like about this piece by Cynthia Rodgers depicting the Peanuts characters as the X-Men is her choice of characters. Charlie Brown as Xavier seems an obvious choice, but Linus as Cyclops and Sally as Emma Frost is inspired. This piece was done as part of CBQ’s the Line it is Drawn event and while their were many quality entries, this one is my favorite.

[via] Cynthia Rodgers

Syfy Channel’s 31 Days Of Halloween: Sanctuary Clip

Thanks to our friends over at the Syfy channel for sending us this new clip for their hit show, Sanctuary. For those who have not watched the series before think of it as a mix of Men in Black and Marvel Comic’s original X-Men comics…with maybe a dash of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen thrown in for good measure.

The Sanctuary is run by Dr. Helen Magnus who just so happens to be a 157-year-old scientist that was trained by the likes of Nikola Tesla and three other members of an experimental scientist groups known as “The Five”. After injecting themselves with a source of untainted Vampire blood, each member of the Five is gifted/cursed with abnormal abilities. Which eventually led Dr. Magnus to hunt out and find other “Abnormals” to teach them to use their abilities safely..and keep the dangerous individuals locked up for the safety of the world.

Sanctuary airs on the Syfy channel on Friday Nights at 10/9c!

X-Men, Volume Five on DVD

x-men season 5 DVD

The original tales of Marvel comic books come to life in Volume 5 of the X-men collection. Relive the action of the popular animated series in this collectible compilation of the X-men adventures. The X-men must turn to their arch-nemesis, Magneto, in an effort to save the life of Professor Xavier! Watch the action unfold in the final episode, “Graduation Day, “ and don’t miss a moment of X-men excitement in this 2-disc set, complete with 14 riveting episodes. Complete your X-men collection with this must-own final installment of this great animated series.

X-men stars voice talents Iona Morris (Law and Order, Spider-man, Fantastic Four, The Wayans Bros), Lenore Zann (Law and Order, Dragon Tales) and Alison Seasly-Smith (Honey, Degrassi: The Next Generation, M.V.P: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives) and is executive produced by Stan Lee (Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, The Ultimate Avengers II), Scott Thomas (Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles) and Will Meugniot(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men: Evolution, Silver Surfer).

Sometime fans are left waiting for what seems like an impossibly long period of time while a studio slowly releases cartoons on DVD. I am very happy that Disney put the X-men animated series on the fast track. Unlike the Iron Man Animated Series from around the same period, I found the X-men much more “believable”, even when it strayed from canon. The DVD contains all 13 episodes from the 5th season and an episode from the 3rd that had not been released. This means that ALL episodes are now available. As a Captain America fan, I happy to see the Wolverine flashback episode “Old Soldiers” once again. I had this on VHS for the longest time before the tape just broke from over-watching.

You know you love the X-men…So why not drop by Amazon and pick up a copy of the X-Men, Volume Five (Marvel DVD Comic Book Collection).

Great Video Game Music: X-Men The Arcade Game

Over the next few weeks I will be scouring the retro gaming scene for the best video game music.

So I’m throwing you a curve ball here (wow check out the Brit using an American slang term) and using some music from an arcade game. X-Men (1992) was released by Konami and I’m almost positive that hardly anyone would have heard this at the arcade with all the many games shouting out their own form of musical advertisement.  I was lucky enough to visit a friend who owns a cabinet featuring this very game and was engrossed (I also laughed hard at the Magneto quote “welcome to die”). This is defiantly Japanese arcade music at its fullest and I think it has some Capcom influences . They were both using the Sound CPU: Z80 (all be it Konami at 8 MHz) and two Sound Chips: YM2151 and K054539. Ok I’m getting technical now I had better finish this here before the (Gweat and tewerble) editor Retroist decides to see if I have mutant healing powers by beating me with the business end of  a Mos technology SID chip still connected to his C64 and let me tell you, that will leave a mark (if not on your body then on your mind)

*only E-beatings will be acceptable, real life beatings may be met with a letter from my lawyer (who has an adamantium bonded to his skeleton)