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X-Men + Peanuts = X-Peanuts by Cynthia Rodgers

What I really like about this piece by Cynthia Rodgers depicting the Peanuts characters as the X-Men is her choice of characters. Charlie Brown as Xavier seems an obvious choice, but Linus as Cyclops and Sally as Emma Frost is … Continue reading

Syfy Channel’s 31 Days Of Halloween: Sanctuary Clip

Thanks to our friends over at the Syfy channel for sending us this new clip for their hit show, Sanctuary. For those who have not watched the series before think of it as a mix of Men in Black and … Continue reading

Muppet X-Men

I am not sure who I would cast in what role if I was doing Muppet X-Men, but DeviantART user Rahzzah, picked two perfect Muppets to play Wolverine and Cyclops. Although Kermit and Cyclops would have made for an interesting … Continue reading

Superhero Posters By Mark Grambau

I stumbled across some of Mark Grambau’s awesome poster work this afternoon. Follow the link above if you are interested in perusing more of his works and better yet feeling like purchasing one or two for your living room wall!

Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends: The X-Men Adventure (1982)

You know what I say, right? It’s still Saturday so it must be time to watch some cartoons! So how about the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends episode where our favorite web-head meets the gifted students of Charles Xavier? Thanks … Continue reading

X-Men, Volume Five on DVD

The original tales of Marvel comic books come to life in Volume 5 of the X-men collection. Relive the action of the popular animated series in this collectible compilation of the X-men adventures. The X-men must turn to their arch-nemesis, … Continue reading

Great Video Game Music: X-Men The Arcade Game

Over the next few weeks I will be scouring the retro gaming scene for the best video game music. So I’m throwing you a curve ball here (wow check out the Brit using an American slang term) and using some … Continue reading