WWF Wrestling’s Main Event is at a corner near you!

LJN Wrestling

I’ve never been a big fan of WWF Wrestling, though I knew all the main wrestlers of the era that this 1987 advert is from. The various WWF lines from LJN were pretty cool; the Sling’em Fling’em Wrestling Ring, the Bendies Action Figures (that let you Twist’em, Turn’em and match your favorite holds) and the Thumb Wrestlers so you could Pin’em – just like the real thing. I’m quite surprised that my younger self didn’t want’em and get’em!

The real gem from this advert is the Hulkmania Workout Line which included everything you needed to get in shape including Hulk’s own 40 minute personal excercise fitness program! I would have wanted that as a child – I still do!

Advert from a 1987 magazine found here.

WWF Action Figures and the Orignal Badass – Rowdy Roddy Piper


The late 1980s were a great time for wrestling and this commercial sums up why. In 3 words? Rowdy Roddy Piper baby! Besides being the awesome star of “They Live” (get that man some bubblegum) He also happened to be one of the finest instigators to ever trod the canvas. You can have your glitz and fireworks today, but they are a poor substitute for a good villain who knows how to run an arena full of people.

Oh the wrestling villains today are tougher? Cooler? No way.. watch this example of bad assery you sheep herders.