The Fascinating Flavor of Juicy Fruit

Juicy Fruit

When I was young, my dad chewed gum and it was always Juicy Fruit. I could never understand why he stuck with that brand because, despite the ‘fascinating flavor’ of Juicy Fruit, I was a Hubba Bubba fan thanks to the multitude of flavors that they offered me. Who could resist the Apple flavor?

20+ years later and he is still with Juicy Fruit, whereas I left Hubba Bubba behind years ago, replaced with a more functional Spearmint gum. Sometimes I wonder why this is, and then I recall the amazing adverts that my dad would have grown up with, images like the ones here don’t just offer a delicious flavor, but rather a lifestyle choice.


I suspect that my dad took up Juicy Fruits based on these stylish adverts and then simply found no reason to change. All this time later and those adverts are still bringing in sales for the generation that first saw them!