Battlestar Galactica Panel: Blood and Chrome

I had the opportunity to attend a WonderCon panel hosted by Richard Hatch in which he and other showrunners talked about the past and future of Battlestar Galactica.  Sorry about the lousy photo  – the previous generation iPhone is great at a lot of things, but zoom photography is not one of them.  One highlight was a trailer for Blood and Chrome – the prequel to the SyFy version of Battlestar.  The panel revealed that SyFy liked the pilot, but was uncertain how to proceed.  That means the pilot may air on the air, or it could be shown online.   They seemed skeptical that a show would follow due to the network’s cost concerns.  That said, the footage was amazing.  The panel revealed that, aside from the actors and some basic framework on the stages, it was all 100% CGI.  This surprised me, because I wouldn’t have guessed that from the trailer.  That said, the trailer’s scenes moved by at a lightning clip – so it is possible that when the camera lingers on a scene, it won’t work as well.  The clip had a Battlestar version of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” as the background music – and when it completed, the audience erupted in applause.  I must admit, the series ending to Battlestar left me cold – and it diminished my feelings for the series overall.  This prequel looked good enough to remind me all I loved about that incarnation, along with the original.  I hope to get a chance to see it soon.

Review of the 1988 WonderCon

After the success of the first two Wonderful World of Comics Conventions, it was time to promote the 1989 to prospective exhibitors and publishers. This video— which for 1988 was actually ahead of its time— is a review of the 1988 convention, featuring interviews with Stan Lee, Will Eisner, Tom DeFalco, Will Jacobs and Mark Bodé, plus news-clips from San Francisco TV stations, and it’s all hosted by Joe Field in his still re-Flying Colors’ days. Produced at Continental Cablevision in Stockton CA by Michael January.

[via] Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff