Super Steins

Super Steins!

Ghoul Mourning Maniacs!!

Did you ever wonder where the art for a product came from? It can be created specifically for the product or be art that gets repurposed. I submit to you my personal sleuthing to solve a question I had, regarding the 1974 Thermo-Serve Batman Super Stein.

The Super Steins were released by Thermo-Serve in 1974 and the available characters were Wonder Woman, Batman, Shazam and Superman. At some point, my sister and I received a Wonder Woman and Batman Stein. You can figure out who got what. A great selection of art. An iconic full figure illustration by of Batman racing across a field with a full moon overhead. The other side sports Batman punching out a noodnik! “WHOK!” Ok, where did the art come from?
Super Steins

Aha! Time to dig into my comic book library. ( But first, I must flip up the head on my Shakespeare statue and hit the button! Oh, I wish! ) The full figure Batman art was somewhat easy to identify. It’s by Neal Adams and is the cover art to a large format Treasury Edition comic. But, that’s not the complete origin,as that image is a variation of Neal’s Caped Crusader, in Batman 251. In that comic, Bats is missing his utility belt and the background is different. Still, an iconic Bat piece!

Now, to figure out the smaller artwork, which looked like long time Bat artist, Jim Aparo’s work. Aparo worked on many Bat books, so I had some perusing to do. Using 1974 or earlier, I had my bracket of books to look from. I couldn’t place the image, but was determined to figure it out. Mainly, because I’m a dork!


I found it in an issue of “Brave & the Bold.” Number 115, to be exact. Batman teams up with the Atom in “The Corpse that Wouldn’t Die!” A great story in which Batman is grazed by a bullet and rendered brain dead. The Atom shrinks and operates Batman’s body from inside, racing from synapse to synapse and animating him. Well, looking at the panel and comparing it to the Stein, they changed the dialogue in the word ballon and kept the “WHOK!”

I have yet to determine the origins of the other Super Stein artwork. I might in the future. I recently asked my sister if she knew about her Wonder Woman Stein and she punched me for being a dork! Ok, I deserved that, I guess. Sheesh! If you know the other art origins, please comment and we’ll super sleuth the heck out of this!!

While it has nothing to do with Super Steins, why not listen to Denny O’Neil discuss both Batman and Neal Adams?

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Psychology: Lassoing The Truth

Before I get into the new book Wonder Woman Psychology: Lassoing the Truth, edited by Dr. Travis Langley and Mara Wood. I felt I should take a moment and share my thoughts on the character herself as well as my first introduction. Like many of you that visit The Retroist I’m willing to bet the first time you learned of Wonder Woman was thanks to the long running Super Friends TV series.

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Of course a few years after that the popular live action Wonder Woman TV series debuted on ABC. Starring the talented Lynda Carter, the first season took place in the 1940s. Afterwards the show jumped ship to CBS and was placed in the current day. In addition to becoming The New Adventures of Wonder Woman.
Wonder Woman

All thanks to the Wonder Woman TV show in fact, I would pick up the DC comics. To this day when I think of the power and beauty of the character. It is the illustration of the legendary José Luis García-López that comes to mind. To say nothing of the impact that George Perez had on Wonder Woman!
Wonder Woman

With a film version set to hit theaters on June 2nd. It is a great time to take a closer look at the origins of the character as well as her creator, William Moulton Marston. Hard to overlook the fact that the man who invented the polygraph machine bestowed his creation a lasso of truth, right?

Except for he didn’t create the lie detector test as the book points out. Although he did in fact create the systolic blood pressure test. Which is used in polygraph tests. Furthermore there are some that cite it was his Wife, Elizabeth Holloway Marston, who helped in the research of said test. Fitting as she was the one to suggest the gender of William’s creation for All -American Comics!

“…one who would triumph not with fists or firepower, but with love. “Fine,” said Elizabeth. “But make her a woman.””

I have shared the pop culture psychology books by Langley before. And Sterling Publishing was kind enough to send me Travis and Wood’s latest for review. Right off the bat, Dr. Langley cuts to the truth by challenging the reader. To not get hung up on certain elements of Marston’s creation. Like “bondage” for example. Not without understanding what William was intending readers to understand.

There are 20 essays included in Wonder Woman Pyschology: Lassoing the Truth. Featuring not just a foreword by Trina Robbins but the likes of Chris and Caitlin Yogerst, Laura Vecchiolla, Mike Madrid, and Rebecca M. Langley. As well as Tim Hanley, Martin Lloyd, Wind Goodfriend, Annamaria Formichella-Elsden. In addition to Janina Scarlet, Lara and Nina Kester, Erin Currie, Eric D. Wesselman, J. Scott Jordan, J.C. Lobato, Jenna Busch, E. Paul Zehr, Jeff Pisciotta, and Alan Kistler.

The essays cover such topics as Feminist Psychology: Teaching How to Be Wonderful by Mara Wood. Balancing the Warrior and the Peace Ambassador by Eric D. Wesselman. It’s a Man’s World: Wonder Woman and Attitudes Toward Gender Roles by Erin Currie. And another favorite Snapping Necks and Wearing Pants by Travis Langley.

Wonder Woman Psychology is available for purchase tomorrow at most book dealers.

Wonder Woman - Trenches

How Do You Make The Wonder Woman Trailer Better?

In all honesty as soon as I saw the Wonder Woman trailer last week I was sold. It of course has quite a bit to do with it being a period piece film. Moreso even with the setting of the movie taking place in World War I – the trailer has hope. In that trailer which is two minutes and a half you can see everything that makes Wonder Woman such a powerful character. Courage. Strength. Grace. And wisdom.
Wonder Woman

Which if I am to be brutally honest is the reason I stayed away from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Because the trailer itself looked to be abysmally dark. Now I must also add that I’m good with the shadows for a character like Batman. I am afraid though that in regards to Superman my personal beliefs on the character won’t let me bend that far.

Having said that I am absolutely delighted to hear fans talk about Batman V Superman, what they loved about it. While it might not be my cup of tea I hold no grudges against those that did enjoy those versions of the characters.

Although I am sure you’ve already watched the Wonder Woman trailer for yourself – why not take another look. You might see what I’m getting at when I mentioned hope and the other traits that Gal Gadot brings to the role!

[Via] Warner Bros. Pictures

What about making the Wonder Woman trailer better though?

While I am totally happy with the way the trailer for the upcoming movie looks, it is Sebastian Hughes who has found a way to “improve” it. How? By recutting it a little – adding some scenes I suppose from Batman V Superman. Then injecting the theme song from the classic 1975 to 1979 television series starring Lynda Carter!
Image courtesy of The Comic Book Cast

Image courtesy of The Comic Book Cast

I would also add there seems to be some new footage in this fan-made trailer. From the upcoming movie I mean – I can pick out the Batman V Superman shots.

[Via] Sebastian Hughes

But wait! Now you have another option!

As I was writing this post – I stumbled on this Lynda Carter version of the trailer. It features footage from the pilot of the Carter TV show but is coupled with the dialogue from the film trailer.

[Via] Don Jack

I think I’m going to have to say I love both versions of these equally. I personally feel it is the only way you could improve on the trailer for the 2017 film.

Bugs Bunny Meets The Super-Heroes

I’d wager that most of you have at some point looked into which song or album was at Number 1 on the day you were born? Or which film was atop the box office chart? How many of you know what was on at the theatre as you were brought into the world? That question had never entered my mind, but a friend on Twitter recently posted the flyer above and, beyond its obvious awesomeness, one fact stood out – I was born during its three-week run! How exciting!!

Clearly I was too young to be taken to see this particular show, but what a line-up – Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, Tweety, Roadrunner, Porky Pig AND Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman – I can’t imagine a more exciting prospect than seeing the Looney Tunes meet DC’s finest.

The Looney Tunes Wiki has a great page about this 1970’s stage show, including images like this one:


I’d also recommend reading the Noblemania blog which has a fantastic set of interviews with the stars of the show, some great cast photos and more about the show and its follow-up Bugs Bunny in Space.

Wonder Woman in the 1982 DC Comics Style Guide

Wonder Woman by José Luis García-López

Whilst browsing around Tumblr during my lunch break, I found myself staring at these wonderful images of Wonder Woman. Both are from the DC Comics Style Guide, illustrated by José Luis García-López in 1982 and, in my opinion, make Wonder Woman look as good as she ever has!

Wonder Woman by José Luis García-López

If you want more images from the guide, this Facebook page has a great gallery of more than 200 images.