Radio? Sure! A Great Program for Radio Fans

radio sure

As a person who is constantly tethered to my computer, I find that I am constantly trying to find audio to fill my ears while I code and/or write each day. I usually have a playlist of either music or old time radio running, but just this week I started using Radio? Sure! and I could not be happier. The slim program, which is Windows only right now, is pretty minimalist, but I find that to be part of its charm. With Radio? Sure! you get a list of 16000 radio stations in all manner of languages and genres. You just start typing to sort and click on the station to connect. I feel like a young kid trying to pick up radio signals being broadcast from the swamps around my house, but instead of static that I got back then I instead get a clear digital signal 99% of the time.

The program is free (windows only right now) and a whole lot of fun, so if you enjoy this sort of thing, please do give it a shot.

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Windows Start-up & Shutdown Sounds from Windows 3.1 to Windows 7

While not everyone is fan of Windows, you cannot deny that Windows PCs have left an indelible mark on our culture. These videos which were posted by The Windows Club, really drive that point home. Just close your eyes and give them a listen. They will take you back without the risk of BSOD.

Microsoft Windows Startup Sounds

Microsoft Windows Shutdown Sounds

[via] The Windows Club