1981 Video Games

Care for a Glimpse of some 1981 Video Games at 7-Eleven?

It is a fact that the internet can be a most wondrous thing. Like when it gives us the opportunity to travel back to 1981. To get a fleeting glimpse at what video games were being offered at a 7-Eleven at that point in time. As in this case the video uploaded by Scott Evans acts as veritable time machine to glimpse some 1981 Video Games.

In addition to seeing and hearing for yourself that the kids of 1981 were definitely jockeying to get their initials on the high score board. It also seems they are more than a little curious as to why they are being filmed.


As can be seen the kids are patiently, or not in some cases, waiting their turns to play. Furthermore you will even hear one of them asking another if they want to play doubles. Which is answered with a resounding, no. Thanks to the use of the convex mirrors situated in the store, we also are granted a few glimpses of the layout of a 7-Eleven back in 1981.

Of course the sight and sounds of some of the titles of the Golden Age of arcade games is the real draw. Seeing these kids enjoying the likes of Atari’s Tempest, Nintendo’s Donkey Kong, as well as Williams Electronics’ Stargate.

I can only wish however that the video was a bit longer. But by all means I am extremely grateful that it exists at all to say nothing of the quality of the video itself. However after watching the video a couple of times in a row. I do find myself completely trying to decipher what this young boy’s T-shirt says.

Is it possibly “Lord Highscore”?

Here is a question though- since this is in fact 1981. Why don’t these kids have their Super Slurpee scratch off cards?

Sinistar wallpaper

Sinistar Arcade Flyer (1982)

Sinistar is an absolute classic of the arcades back in my youth and still popular in culture if South Park’s Imaginationland and the popular World of Warcraft are including them in their works. The game was developed by Sam Dicker, Jack Haeger, Noah Falstein, RJ Mical and Richard Witt. The voice of Sinistar was done by John Doremus, who had become well known for his radio show “The Passing Parade” and in 1964 his company created the idea for in-flight music on airlines.

As always a huge thanks to the Arcade Flyer Archive for this wonderful collection of scanned Sinistar images.

Thanks to GlassDarkly for uploading these great segments of interview with RJ Mical from the William’s Greatest Hits 1!

The Machine, Bride of PinBot Flyer

As always I want to give a huge thanks to the Arcade Flyer Archive for these beautiful scanned flyers!

I did not have much of a chance to play this table in the wilds of the arcade back in my youth, but in my late 20’s I did find it at a local gas station and I was able to play it for a couple of weeks. This is really a fantastic Pinball table from Williams Electronics!

A big thanks to Pinball Restorations for uploading this fantastic video of the gameplay over on YouTube!

Friday Flyers: Black Knight 2000 (1989)

Sadly I’ve not had the chance to play Williams Electronic’s Black Knight 2000 table by the “Master of Flow” Steve Ritchie in the wilds of the arcade. From playing the original Black Knight I can only assume though that I would have really enjoyed it.

Thanks to gamehulk over at YouTube for uploading this video from California Extreme 2008!

As always a huge tip of the hat to the amazing Arcade Flyer Archive for the wonderful scanned flyers posted below.

Thanks to Paperclown for posting the main theme to the game on YouTube! I was tapping my foot the entire time I listened to it!