Wild West City Deputy Marshall’s Badge

My Uncle lived up in Northern New Jersey and a few times when I visited him we went over to Netcong, NJ to visit the classic old west attraction, Wild West City. I loved it and I still have a few trinkets from my trips there. This badge saw a lot of action the summer I got it and then went into a box until last year. It has now been turned into a magnet that sits on my refrigerator and makes me happy whenever I grab a drink.

Wild West City – The Wildest Westest Place in New Jersey

Just about every two years my family would head on up to Wild West City in beautiful Netcong, NJ. The East Coast used to be peppered with lots of this little Amusement parks, but sadly they have mostly gone away, but not Wild West City. It is a New Jersey institution and even though I have not been there in years, I can still picture the park in my brain and can remember the first time I went there and was terrified they were going to take my Snoopy wallet during the Stage Coach robbery.

What is Wild West City?

For those from Northern New Jersey, this might be a familiar tune to you…

For more info visit WildWestCity.com