Wendy’s Training Video – Do you got the Rapping Skillz to Flip Burgers?


I met Dave Thomas in the mid-1990s at a book signing at…wait for it…a Wendy’s. He was a nice guy and took a few minutes to talk to me about my favorite Wendy’s meal. The guy really seemed to have a passion for what he did. I am always impressed when I meet a person like that, be they bloggers or hamburger magnates. It’s a charge to be around them.

In 1989, Wendy’s released the this training video. I wonder if Dave saw it and what he thought? Did he say, “Well if that’s what kids are into” and shrug or was he tapping his foot to the rhythm, secretly dreaming a of new career in Hip Hop. Straight out of Dublin, OH…Yeeeeaaah boooyeeeeee!! Let’s do the 4 corner press.

Part 1 of Wendy’s Training Video

Be patient. The end of part 2 ends with a multi-outlet montage singalong. Its awesomeness on a bun with cheese.
Part 2 of Wendy’s Training Video

Don’t ruin our chili meat!!

Where’s the Beef Jigsaw Puzzle

Recently while outside grilling burgers for the family, I opened up en empty hamburger bun and loudly asked, “Where’s the beef?” Neither of my kids had any idea what I was referencing, but my daughter did offer up this friendly advice: “There’s no meat in that one yet, Daddy!” Sadly, both of my kids are too young to remember these commercials from Wendy’s.


Not too long ago while out thrifting, I ran across this jigsaw puzzle. I began working it with the kids but they quickly grew tired of me asking, “Where’s the piece?” every few seconds.

Next time, I’m going to keep the puzzles (and the burgers) to myself!

The Wendy’s and Burgertime Food Giveaway (1983)

While I was at the Retroist Meet Up at the 1984 Arcade I played a bit of BurgerTime…and I really started to get hungry…wish I would have known about this back in 1982!

From the excellent Geek Vintage site:
“In 1983, Mattel Electronics teamed up with Wendy’s for a Burger Time promotional giveaway. If you purchased a Mattel Burgertime handheld game or BurgerTime game cartridge for the Mattel Burgertime, Intellivision or Atari 2600 game systems, you could send in for a free $5 booklet of Wendy’s gift certificates.”