John Travolta 12″ Doll

(Sorry… “Action Figure”)

This licensed John Travolta doll was released by Chemtoy in 1977. This would have been in the middle of Travolta’s run as Vinnie Barbarino in the classic sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter, and the same year that Saturday Night Fever hit theaters.

One interesting thing about this toy is that the front of the box advertises that the doll can also wear clothes made for Ken (Barbie’s boyfriend) and Donnie (Marie’s brother). Funny, I can’t imagine John Travolta, Tony Manero, or Vinnie Barbarino wearing anything from Ken or Donnie’s wardrobe.

For those of you who are curious, the doll is not anatomically correct. Noticeably missing are any nostrils, which means there is no way to shove a rubber hose up Travolta’s nose.

Welcome Back Kotter Card Game

I rarely buy old board or card games when I come across them — I cannot stand the heartbreak when they’re missing pieces and I just don’t have the room to store them all — but still I always check the board game section of my local thrift store just to see if anything old or interested has ended up there.

According to, the object of the game is to “be the first player to score 100 points by capturing Character cards with Kotter or the powerful Eighth Card. The game replaces the traditional card suits with the four main student characters (Horshak, Washington, Barbarino & Juan). Kotter cards and School’s Out cards are used for collecting scoring cards and blocking purposes respectively. The Character cards, valued 1-4, are used to determine totals when each round is completed.”

The loser gets a rubber nose up the nose.