Weird Al “Interviews” Madonna (1985)

This “interview” for Madonna was from AL-TV from way back in 1985. I really do not know why the powers that be did not jump on the gem of entertainment that AL-TV and make it a regular late night weekly show. My friends and I would talk about episodes for weeks after we saw them, we could never get enough Al.

Well that boat has sailed, but at least they should release these gems on DVD.

UHF Music Video By Weird Al Yankovic

When you think of the greatest movies ever made what are some of the first films to come to mind? UHF, is practically the only one that pops in there, am I right? Well, Al certainly understands that today is Saturday and the best thing you can do is just sit in front of your television or monitor and enjoy cartoons and music videos here on the Retroist!

Forget about that lawn work you need doing…that is what Sunday is for.