Pica Pic: Retro Handheld Gaming

I happen to be browsing through my Favorites folder in my internet browser, and I came across this site:


The site is created by a company called Hipopotam Studios. It features 26 games recreated in Flash and controlled by your keyboard. Some of the games listed are Donkey Kong, Parachute, Zelda, and The Terminator.

I remember when I was a kid, I had a Handheld Football and Handheld Baseball game, and then when I was in junior high I had an Altered Beast Game Watch by Tiger Electronics. Something about playing such a simple style game makes me wish we still had those games around now. Until I can find playable Tiger Electronic games or videogame watches again, I have this site. Definitely worth checking out!

throwback shack

Visit the Mountain Dew Throwback Shack

I love the Throwback Sodas. At this point, they are pretty much all I drink when I get them and I want them to stick around for a long time. So I am very happy to see that Pepsi is putting marketing money behind these beverages. This week they launched a brand new online tie-in with their Mountain Dew Throwback brand, The Mountain Dew Throwback Shack.

throwback shack

The Shack is an online destination that acts as a home of Throwback Willy, the 1960s animated Mountain Dew pitchman. While there you can explore Willy’s home and learn all about Mountain Dew and when you find DEW-themed items that you can click on them, and if you have a Facebook account, have a chance to win them. But it does not stop there, because the easter eggs abound in this shack in the woods. Keep clicking and you will find also find DEW-inspired recipes like Mountain Dew pancakes, stir-fry, and steak marinade, and in the main room you can listen to a retro playlist courtesy of 8tracks. The whole site just gives me that barefoot feeling…


So if you are a fan of the Dew, drop on by and enjoy. This is a clever and fun website, a must for retro fans and DEW-lovers alike. Oh and even if you do not win any of the prizes on the site, you are a winner already, because as I mentioned earlier, when we see a company spending money on this sort of marketing, we can feel assured that a product that we are behind 100% is going to be around for awhile. Of course, it will help if you go out and get some Dew this holiday weekend. So load up. The first one (at least in jpg form) is on me…

Crimeboss Features Crime Comic Books of the 1940s and 1950s

Everyone comic book reader has their niche, something that they collect that is extra special to them and will always draw their attention. Luckily for them their is usually a website that specializes in that niche and will have info and cover scans for you to peruse and dream about adding to your collection. Often a site like that can turn a casual interest into something more. I do not collect Crime Comic Books currently, but when I stumbled across Crimeboss, I was instantly drawn into the idea of picking up a few originals Crime Comics or if I could find them, reprints at the very least. I am not sure how often the page is updated, they do not have a blog, but I spent nearly an hour last night reading up on the history of crime comics and of course looking at the wonderful covers. If you have some time, give them a look.