Robocop Wrestling


A recent post by VicSage featuring Robocop and Richard Nixon got me thinking that I’d seen pictures of Robocop in another unusual setting – the wrestling ring!

I wondered idly if this was actually an episode from the Prime Directives TV series but the internet put me straight on the matter – it was a 1990 pay per view event called Capital Combat: Return of Robocop from World Championship Wrestling. Youtube provides the promo videos and footage of the day when Sting and Robocop joined forced.

Best line of the video – “Here comes Robocop, Bob!”. Classic. Though I can’t help but wonder who on earth came up with this?

What I can’t tell from the video is if there was any actual Robocop wrestling? The poster below reads as though there should have been. If you watched this event, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


Dennis Rodman Powerslam Action Figure

Although it feels somewhat odd to be writing about Dennis Rodman on a retro-themed website, it’ll be fifteen years this summer since Dennis Rodman made his debut as a part-time professional wrestler in the WCW alongside Hulk Hogan as a member of the New World Order (NWO). After receiving multiple suspensions from the NBA (one for headbutting a referee, another for kicking a cameraman in the groin), professional wrestling seemed like a perfect match for “The Worm”.

I picked this figure up at a garage sale last weekend for $2. The “Power Slam” version of Dennis Rodman came with several accessories, including a breakaway backboard (that breaks into four pieces) and a pink fedora. You can also remove Rodman’s silver jacket for when it was time to get in the ring and get down to business. I have seen the same figure for sale with orange hair instead of blue, leading me to believe that the figure (just like the real Rodman) was available with multiple hair colors.