AK Centerfire from Entertech


I had one of these and it NEVER shot as cool as it did in the commercials. Ultimately, the motor stopped working all together. I returned it to get that .45 Sidearm water gun. Now that one worked REALLY well, however, it required you to carry around the tank and motor in a purse like pack. Most likely, it worked better because the motor was larger, but overall it was really cumbersome in those war torn situations in Sauganash – my Chicago neighborhood where I grew up.

Those were some mean streets I tell you.

Zap It – The Gun that Goes Squirt

In the 1980s you could still get away with carrying around an arsenal of realistic water weapons and not expect to get arrested or injured. Of course when you decided to fire a Zap It with its “quick” disappearing liquid on your sister’s new outfit when she is getting ready for a date, you could count on getting injured.

Love the kid jumping out of his garbage can to fire on his father, ads like these inspired all sorts of hijinks in my neighborhood.