20,000 Leagues Under The Sea - Mondo Tees

Mondo Posters: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea By Ken Taylor!

The good news first, the extremely talented Ken Taylor created this jaw-dropping poster for the fine folks at Mondo for one of their limited edition prints for the month of March.

The bad news now…it sold out within a couple of minutes. Still while those of us that happen to have their living room decorated with all manner of Walt Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea merchandise have been denied this gorgeous art print…the image above does make a wonderful wallpaper for my computer.

The Disney film that was released back in 1954 was my first contact with Jules Verne’s infamous Captain Nemo and the technological marvel that was his home, the Nautilus. As I grew older I always was fascinated by Verne’s antihero and thanks to a kindhearted teacher in Fifth grade I was able to read the classic book for myself and my appreciation for Captain Nemo just continued to grow.

Tron Lobby Card - Quenched Consciouness

Jean “Moebius” Giraud’s Tron Artwork (1981)

As most comic book fans know, the extremely talented French illustrator Jean Henri Gaston Giraud or Moebius as he was better known passed away earlier this month. While he has left behind a legion of fans it is still sad to realize that we will never see a new sketch or painting by this master.

In 1981 he was hired by the Disney Studios to begin design work for their upcoming SciFi/Video Game film, Tron. A huge thanks to Ian MacEwan for sharing these works by Moebius over at his ‘quenched consciousness” blog.

Here is what appears to be a Lobby Card from Tron for movie theaters…or possibly a book cover?

In this sketchbook illustration it looks like Flynn was originally intended to wear a different kind of helmet.

Dumont for the most part looks like he stayed the same…mostly.

Make sure to follow the link up top to Ian’s blog and check out even more amazing artwork from not just Tron but his other works in Heavy Metal to Blueberry!

Tron - Joel Carroll - Tumblr
John Carter - Walt Disney - IMP Awards

Fan Trailer For John Carter Gets The Point Across.

With the upcoming Walt Disney film version of John Carter of Mars set to hit the Silver Screen on March 9th, many fans of the classic literature by Edgar Rice Burroughs have felt the trailers and TV spots that have been presented have not necessarily shown the majesty and importance of the character.

Well, the John Carter Files YouTube Channel decided to help with this fan trailer using the footage already presented in other media. As they say on the posting of the video they are fans of the book and just want to help Disney get as many people as interested in the movie as they can. I like this idea. I LOVE their trailer.

There is a new poster out that I’ve yet to see in theaters around my neck of the woods, thanks to IMP Awards for sharing it.

A big thank you to Ain’t It Cool News for the heads up on this YouTube project.

The Cat From Outer Space - Walt Disney Showcase #46 - Gold Key Comics

Walt Disney Showcase # 46 – The Cat From Outer Space/Shaggy Dog (1978)

Somehow this particular Walt Disney Gold Key comic totally slipped past my radar as a kid. I usually ended up with one when visiting my Grandparents on a Sunday after church, but perhaps this issue featuring illustrated adaptations of the Cat From Outer Space and the Shaggy Dog were snatched up by other kids that weekend.

[Via] Mike Sterling’s Progressive Ruin, a blog that all self-respecting comic book fans should be visiting. He loves Swamp Thing, so you know you can trust him!

Condorman - Francesco Francavilla - Comic Twart

Condorman By Francesco Francavilla!

I’ve posted more than a few fine pieces of artwork by famed sequential art illustrator Francesco Francavilla of the Pulp Sunday Blog and frequent contributor to the Comic Twart site. Apparently just before Christmas the subject of the art challenge was Walt Disney’s cult favorite Condorman!

Francesco has this to say about the artwork: “The feather costume was so campy that I decided to challange myself and try to make it look cool. Hope I succeded but you decide :)”

The Rescuers - IMP Awards